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By | July 16, 2018

Barclays Contact Number: 0870 186 1891

Contact Barclays – Phone Barclay 0870 186 1927 or Barclays freephone 0870 186 1929

Barclays at a distant of Barclays contact number

Barclays bank UK is one of the most reliable banks in the United Kingdom that has been working up to the expectations of their customers for long. It is indeed the best personal banking organization facilitating people all over the world through its vast services. It does not only protect the money of their customers but lends moves and invests their payments all over the world. You can simply contact by dialing Barclays phone number as their services are just one call away from you.

About Barclays Bank:

The history of Barclays goes back to 325 years ago, since when it is helping its clients for personal banking. The earliest branches of Barclays were located in Lombard street London after which it spreads its nest all around the world. No matter where you are, you can dial any of Barclays contact numbers and get your desired services via Barclays phone banking. Currently, the chief executive of Barclays is Jes Staley aiming well to maintain the values of Barclays.

The spreading network of Barclays:

The Barclays network covers its millions of clients in around 40 countries all over the world. All the customers can get their desired services by dialing Barclays customer service number. Either you are sitting in Europe or Africa, Middle East or Asia; you are provided with Barclay’s phone banking services

The purpose & Values of Barclays Bank Phone Number:

The purpose of Barclays is to provide opportunities to the people to fulfill their desires and ambitions. To achieve this purpose, every team member works hard and follows the strong values of Barclays customer services number. They emphasize the respect, integrity, and excellence in all services. With its business structure divided into Barclays international and Barclays UK, it has been helping its clients all over the globe. The strategy of Barclays is to build their customer services all over the main banking hubs in the US and UK. The spreading network of Barclays works according to their plan that is defined in their balanced scorecard for the next five years.

The clients are given full opportunities to be understood in order to provide solutions to their queries and problem. You can contact Barclays by dialing Barclay help lines anytime to get your problems solved. Stewardship is another value maintained by Barclays over centuries. The team Barclays is always devising ways to improve their customer services.

Brief details of accounts:

The main types of account services provided by Barclays include:

Barclays bank account: This helps you in dealing with daily banking stuff, like payment, investments loans etc.
Premium Current Accounts: This type of account deal with the everyday banking besides providing extra services, benefits, and rewards.
Student accounts: The services and rewards associated with this account are specifically designed for students to provide them extra rewards. This type of accounts deals with the provision of overdraft and cashback opportunities. Also by upgrading your student account to international student addition account, you can manage your payments from all around the world.
Graduate accounts: such types of accounts help the high school students to enjoy their university life without having any money trouble. It does not demand any monthly fee with an overdraft and contactless card.

Accounts for children and young adults: Barclays also provide the account for children from 11 to 15 years to help you to save money for your children. Similarly, young people account up to 19 years of age, can also be opened helping you to manage your amount in the right way
Currency accounts: these accounts help you to manage money in other currency types like euro account dealing with euro bank. Similarly, with foreign currency account, you can easily deal with your foreign payments.

Business current account: either you are starting up a business or a well-developed businessman, Barclays is at your service with its business current account. They help you with money problems and let you deal with your payments with easily accessible tools, terms, and conditions.

Community accounts: Such accounts help you with your nonprofit organizations like clubs, societies, charities and any other such organization.

The details of each and every account can be obtained at Barclays contact number. Whatever are your needs in terms of bank accounts, Barclays’ phone is always at your service. Call them and tell them your requirements and the team will lead you to the right account type for you.

If you want to open an account in Barclays you can simply call on barclays customer service phone number and follow a simple procedure and provide the required information. Even if you already have an account and want to upgrade it, simply call the Barclays contact and get your desired type of account.

Switching bank accounts:

If you want to switch your account to Barclays and do not know the way, then it is way simpler. All you have to do is to contact at Barclays contact number or visit a branch to open an online account. Next, you provide your previous bank account details and type of switch you want, the rest of the work is done by Barclays. They deal with all the paperwork and inform you at each and every step.

Barclays Customer service:

Using Barclays for personal banking, you are secure and safe at every point. With their 120,000 employees all around their branches, they ensure to provide customer services in true meanings. The team doesn’t take any incentives or commissions from their customers. All they aim at is to provide help and fulfill your financial needs.

The customer services are categorized, once you dial Barclays contact number 0870 186 189, you are channelized to the proper option to solve your problem. Also for online banking, you are given topics to choose from to get your issue resolved. Either you are having accessibility issues or insurance problem, the team is ready to serve you. Furthermore the main topics of banking including loans, insurance? Investments, payments savings etc. can be easily talked about. Problems of Barclays cards, business banking, current accounts, mobile banking, lost cards, online and mobile banking all are facilitated. You can also register to say complaint if you have. Even if you have to travel abroad, you can call the Barclays contact number and get the desired information. Also if you have concerns about frauds or want to give feedback, Barclays customer service number is always there on your list.


Barclays helps you to borrow in simpler and easier ways to fulfill your needs. Before you apply for the loan, you are given a complete knowledge of terms and conditions. The loan rate does not affect the credit score. Also, you can get your own price quote using simple Barclay’s phone booking or simple online application. In case you have taken the loan you can return over negotiable rate. So whether you want the loan for business, finance home, buy cars, debt consolidation loans etc, Barclays helps you. It provides you better and manageable deals to fulfill your desires. Find the most suitable loan for you by just contacting at Barclays contact number and talk to their team.

Barclays online banking:

Online banking has achieved a lot of popularity in the modern era. In this busy world, indeed online banking has been proved to be a blessing. Not only it is quick but also is convenient and safe. Barclays, your personal banking organization has also facilitated its customers by providing online banking service.

You can easily get yourself registered for online banking by dialing Barclays’ helpline. You just have to provide your name, membership number or card number and get your id saved. For all the best times, you just have to log in. If you are facing any problem regarding online banking or log in, you can get help by dialing Barclays bank contact number and get your problem solved.

Online banking was never easier before. The services you can avail via online banking are manifold. You can transfer money, make payments, manage your debit card, check your statements, deal with international payments, use helping and planning tools, get easy access to loans and travels and much more. If you are new to only banking, PINS entry guides you about all the features you can have using online banking. Even if you have lost your card, just contact Barclays on online banking and they will cancel your card. Also, it is quite safe and secure with all assurances and guarantees to their customers.

Mobile banking:

Mobile banking app is one of the latest advancements you can be provided by any bank. It makes you bank to just one click away. All you have to do is to download your Barclays mobile banking application on your smartphone if you have an account at Barclays.. Once you have this app you can carry your bank anywhere with you. With this, you can not only deal with payments and money transfer but can also get reward and discount on several brands. If you have any problem with your mobile banking, dial Barclays contact number and get your problem solved. The concerns regarding mobile banking can also be discussed via Barclay’s helpline. The main concern of every customer us security while dealing with mobile banking. In case of any fraud, the bank will refund your amount. Indeed the mobile banking has made the personal banking easier like never before. You can manage your accounts wherever you are and can explore any of Barclays’ customer services by just one click.

Video banking:

It is another unique service provided to you by Barclays. You can chat to the team members at Barclays for your issues. It is ensured that the conversation is secure and confidential making it a perfect alternative to visiting the bank and getting your problem solved.


It is another free and secure way to transfer payments as quickly as possible. You just need to have Barclays UK mobile number and use the services. It is a type of mobile banking without using any bank codes. Just download the app to your mobile and enjoy the fastest money transfer with Barclays.

Travelling abroad:

If you are planning a trip, Barclays plan it for you with its offers from retailers. You can enjoy your trip with safe insurance policies for you and your family provided by Barclays. With its cashback booking and Barclays blue reward, you can enjoy discounts. Also, it provides you services like the currency exchange and avoidance of transaction fee with its travel credit card. To avail all the services, call at Barclays contact number before you go and manage your trip well with its uber offer, cashback earnings, easy access to emergency cash, banking abroad and much more.

Debit Card:

Barclays debit card helps you to manage your daily payments issues and manage expenses without getting into any trouble. With your business debit card, you can make online purchases, quick contactless payments, money withdrawal and can also track your business expenditure in no time. Just call at Barclays phone number and apply for your debit card now which is not only convenient but also safe and secure.

Contact Barclays.

Barclays services are always one call away and you can get all the services by calling at Barclays contact numbers

0870 186 1927

0870 186 1930

0870 186 1926

0870 186 189

The Barclays helpline is active 24/7 facilitating its customer all around the world. Not only this, you can contact Barclays by using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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