DVLA Contact Number

Contact number for DVLA organization:

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or simple DVLA contact number is 0844 306 9203. It is the foundation of government United Kingdom. It is also responsible for the Great Britain which contains and calculates the database maintaining on of drivers information. England also deals with the database of vehicles in all over the United Kingdom as well. The counterpart of this company is to provide the Northern Inland Drivers their license on Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). The issues according to driving licenses, the road tax, fund license, sell on registration personalized, and the collection of excise duty in a vehicle is considerable. Some of their information is as under:

•    The company was established and formed in late 1965.
•    The type of it is the executive agency.
•    Jurisdiction noticed in the United Kingdom.
•    Headquarters based in Wales, Swansea, and the United Kingdom.
•    The executive agency of it is Chief Executive officer named Oliver Morley.
•    Rivals and alternatives are Department of Transport.
•    Official website of this is www.gov.uk/dvla.

This DVLA contact number and ‘contact number agency’ also deals with the Executive Department for Transport (DFT). The current chief minister of this organization named as Oliver Morley.

Whereas the Driver and vehicle licensing agency are currently also based in Wales and Swansea with the promising 16 story building that is situated in Clase and the offices across all over Swansea Vale. Previously back then nearly when this organization newly founded was commonly known by the name of DVLC. It means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center.

It was such a small spot at that time that it only consist 39 principal offices in all over Great Britain. Local office network was at its peak at that point. The trend of attending and applying the transact on local agencies business lack at that point. But when the time of 21st century came, things get new shape and taste. As new technology involved in everything little and big things. The transaction was also now reopened as online or via the community of mobile networks. ‘DVLA phone number’ is +44 300 790 6802.

The government of this organization is the central head of it, and it deals and serves all over the United Kingdom. Over 20 years from now on they have always fulfilled their promises right on time. Thus they just want to fulfill the entire expectation of their customers as well as some of their clients too. The person who linked to them can easily access to them via the enhanced system of their assistance team. The individuals care department only consists people that are highly trained in their taste of professionalism. And they always and try their best to help their clients in any possible way. You can, or any other person can easily reach them by number of ways that includes:

•    Over the DVLA contact number as 09061 393 837 or via by SMS +44 300 790 6801.
•    Over their official email address or visiting their official website as well.

•    Through a letter to their headquarters address or any of their subsidiary.

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