About Us

About Us

Leading Numbers is a telephone directory of most popular companies in the UK. We are also providing the call routing services to a large number of those companies.

Our Vision
Our vision is to improve the quality of products and service of all big companies in the UK by allowing customers to access companies easily and quickly. In this way, customers will be able to get service of companies easily, and they will also be to provide feedback which will help companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses. When customer holds all companies accountable for their products and services, then the companies will improve the quality.

Our Mission
Our mission is to include reliable contact information of a maximum number of companies in the UK. We provide phone numbers of customer support officers of all companies, and if they have no such officers, then we get phone numbers of their switchboards. Our mission is to become the biggest online database of the contact information of all high-profile companies in the UK.

Our Goal
Our goal is to provide those phone numbers through which our users can contact a responsible person of the company rather than listening to the answering machine. We realize that it is extremely frustrating to listen to recorded voice for several minutes. We even provide the phone number of the head office of companies to ensure that user gets reliable information from companies and provide feedback to authoritative person.

Our Specialty
Leading Numbers is not an ordinary digital directory. We are more than just a boring directory with company names and dialing numbers. We are offering lots of other valuable services to our users. Some of our specialties are following

We don’t just provide contact information of different companies. We test those phone numbers before displaying them on our website so that our users get maximum satisfaction from our services.
We also provide the overview of the company which helps our users to get some insight about the company
We have categorized all companies according to their business sector. In this way, the user can compare different companies and get the contact information of the entire sector with a single click.
Our experts are collecting authentic phone numbers and augmenting our database. We keep our database up to date so that users can contact the company even if a company change its contact information
There are lots of companies in the UK which have toll free numbers, but there are few digital directories which provide those numbers to people for free. We try to acquire toll-free numbers of companies.
We also rank different companies according to their popularity on our website. It can help our users to identify which companies are providing best services and most popular in users.

All these attributes of Leading Numbers make it one of the best digital directories in the UK. You can help us improve our services through your valuable feedback. Feel free to contact us for further information.