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Welcome to Leading Numbers, one of the best telephone directory companies in the UK whose purpose is to connect you with the UK’s most wanted companies. Simply type the name of the company you are looking for in search box and you will get the contact numbers.

We are living in the world of the globalization where communication is the easiest thing that one can do. People from all around the world are just a call away. Connecting with people has become a very important part of our life. Through a single phone call, we can resolve our issues without leaving our home. Even if you have any issue with the company you can inform them by calling at their customer service department. If you are facing any issue in finding the contact number of that company because the company itself has not made their contact details visible for the customers then don’t get panic. This is the point where you will need our help. Our highly skilled team has worked really hard in order to provide the customers with the phone contact details of the famous companies working in the UK.

Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

Have you ever tried to call the customer department of your service provider if you haven’t received your package on the desire date? Luckily you found the number and you dialed, but instead of talking to any person from the customer service department you have been bombarded with the irritating and irrelevant multiple FAQs answers. In this situation, you will find the Leading Numbers beside you.

Different companies are working in the UK whose purpose is to provide the contact details of the various organizations. Leading Numbers is one of them we are offering contact details of many popular companies and organizations in the UK. Whether you are looking for a government organization or a non-government organization, Leading Numbers will provide you the contact number details of all types of companies working across the UK. We include the contact phone number details of companies of various categories such as Broadband, IT related companies, banks, loan providers, insurance, courier companies, e-commerce, airlines, shopping and energy providers.

Searching for the contact details can sometimes become a frustrating and lengthy task, but at Leading Numbers our aim is to make this easier and save your time. With one easy click you can find just what you are searching for. Sometimes as a customer you are looking for the urgent contact details of the organization and in this situation you don’t want to waste time in finding a number of the company you are looking for. The USP of the Leading contact  numbers is that without wasting time, we will connect your call with the company you are searching for. Moreover, in our calls you don’t have to face the hurdle of the middle man. Your call will be directly transfer to the customer services department without waiting and without communicating with a middle man.

Customers will feel comfortable in communicating with their service provider on a phone call because it’s less costly and it doesn’t require any traveling. But on the other side companies want the customers to contact them via email or visit their office because training customer service team is very expensive and costly. Therefore, spending a handsome amount of money on the training of their customer service cut their profit margins. Leading contact Numbers believed that it’s the right of every potential customer that their call must be forward to the right person and at the right time. Therefore, the aim of the Leading contact Numbers is to connect your call directly with the person you are looking for.

Now, you must be thinking that how we work? We offer a call forwarding service to these particular businesses and organizations through 0870 numbers (calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone networks access charge).

Another important part of the Leading Numbers is that you will always find updated information on our website. We will never disappoint our customers by providing them outdated data. Our creative and highly skilled team searches the numbers of the organizations on a daily basis and we make sure that we have added correct information in our website. Moreover, we are constantly adding new companies as they are created and as the demand increases. The number of the organizations will increase on our website gradually.

Our motto is to equip our customers with a high quality, hassle free and effective service. We will try our level best to satisfy our customers, but every coin has two sides. Similarly in our case if unfortunately you are not satisfied with the services provided, then feel free to contact us via email info (at) LEADINGNUMBERS.CO.UK We value your feedback and respond promptly. The solution of your issues is just a call away.