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We can proudly say that we are the top online telephonic directory of most demanding companies in the United Kingdom.  There are many people who are failed to find official phone number of a company. And even if you have official website of a company, you will find too much difficulties to get number of customer support department. Leading Numbers provides you a best platform to get the authentic contact numbers of various UK companies very easily.

Why it’s Important?

You can get customers very easily but it is very difficult to maintain those clients. It is possible only if you will give them quick support. So, then their satisfaction level and trust level will increase and that is the goodwill of a company. We are dealing with different most demanding companies and providing customer support numbers which you may use to get quick support of your desired company.

How to choose the right number?

There are 3 types of phone numbers in United Kingdom. All types are mentioned below:

  1. Premium Rate Numbers
  2. Business Rate Numbers
  3. Toll-free & Local Rate Numbers

Premium Rate Numbers:

These types of numbers usually starts from 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 09 and 118. If you use these numbers your call be connected directly to the customer services department. You may charge 10 or more than 10 Penny per minute. The number which starts from 09 may cost you high as 1 pound per minute.

Business Rate Numbers:

These numbers are comparatively less expensive and normally cost no more than 10 Penny per minute. Many business organizations are using these numbers. Business Rate Numbers starts from 0843, 0844 and 0845. You should dial these numbers in case of any emergency or urgent work. In case of any general information send them an email.

Toll-Free & Local Rate Numbers:

This type of numbers are free of cost or may be charge sometime according to the rate of local call. Many high profile companies uses these numbers to get 100% satisfaction of their customers. These numbers starts from 0800, 0808, 01, 02 and 03. You have to keep in mind one thing if you call on 08 numbers from mobile networks then you have to pay for that call. These number are only free if you call from your landline number.

Why Leading Numbers?

There are many telephone directories available online but it is very difficult to find best one. Leading Numbers is best from all other companies because it’s features which are mentioned below:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Extra Information
  3. Smart Search
  4. Ranking System
  5. Our Hosting Number

Easy to Use:

We design our website very user-friendly and mobile responsive as well. So, you will not find any difficulty while using our website as it is compatible to all browsers as well.

Extra Information:

Leading Numbers is not only dealing with contact numbers but we are also providing other useful information about company. You can also find nature of product which offered by various companies, services and location of companies as well.

Smart Search:

It is very easy to crawl our website as design is very user friendly. You can navigate to any company using our menu bar. If you are unable to find any company simply type that company name in our search bar and hit enter you will find that company.

Ranking System:

We also have a system to rank companies according to their popularity and search volume. We have tracking system which gives us user interest so we give rank companies according to their popularity in country.

Our Hosting Number:

Leading Numbers normally redirects our visitors to their desired company using number which starts from 0843. So, if you use our number your call be contacted to your customer support department without any delay as we are using advanced technology. So, you can get better support if you choose Leading Numbers.

Currently, we are dealing with 2 companies. One is SKY and the other one is Barclays Bank, in which we are offering Sky Contact Numbers & Barclays Contact Numbers.