Welcome To Leading Numbers

Welcome to Leading Numbers

Welcome to the online telephone directory of most demanding companies in the UK. You can also enjoy our impeccable call routing services to boost the quality of your services.

Leading Numbers
How many times you have wasted your precious time to get the phone number of a company but failed? Sometimes, even the official websites of a company make it hard to get the phone number for the customer support department. Leading Numbers is providing a platform to get the authentic phone number of your desired UK companies in no time. It is very important for both business and consumers.

If consumers have easy access to the phone numbers of the business, then they will be able to get customer support quickly, and their satisfaction level will increase. It will earn the goodwill to the company which is very crucial for the success of the company. Some companies don’t disclose their numbers to the general public so that only limited people can contact them.

Leading Numbers will get you all those exclusive phone numbers of all those companies. You can easily provide your feedback and get assistance from the officials. In this way, Leading Numbers is also playing very important role in improving the quality and services of most popular companies in the UK. Our mission is to include a maximum number of companies in the database so that all kinds of people get maximum benefit from our services.

We are trying our best to expand our database and have a special team to achieve this goal. Traditional telephone directories can’t be updated while companies are changing their Leading Numbers regularly due to the arrival of better-calling plans and services. We keep out database updated, which is not an easy job but our experts are making sure that every company in our database should have a latest phone number. We also encourage our users to provide feedback to add new companies or update the existing number. Companies can also contact us to add their details to make this directory more reliable, valuable, and standardized.

Select the Right Number
There are three types of phone numbers in the UK. You should know about

Premium Rate Numbers: This first type of phone numbers are the premium rate phone number, and they start from 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 09 and 118. It is better to use this type of number because they will connect your call directly to customer services department .You may have to pay more than 10 pennies for just one minute of the call. The 09 numbers can even cost you one pound per minute.

Business Rate Number: The second types of numbers are relatively less expensive and usually cost no more than 10 pennies per minute. The business organization readily uses These phone numbers, and they contain 0843, 0870, 0844, and 0845. If you have very urgent work, then you can dial these numbers, but if you want general information, then it is better to use their official website or send them an e-mail.

Toll-free and Local Rate Numbers: The third types of phone numbers are either free or cost at the rate of a local call. High-profile companies with the aim to achieve total customer satisfaction use this type of phone number. If you find this type of phone number in the contact information a company, then you should dial the number without any hesitation. These number usually starts from 0800, 0808, 01, 02, and 03. One thing to note here is that “08” numbers are free to call from the landline number. You will achieve to pay if you call them from mobile networks.

Why Leading Numbers
There are several telephone directories available, but Leading Numbers is different from all of them because of its following features

Easy To Use: The layout and design of the website are very user-friendly. You can use this website on the laptop, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. You don’t need special tools or applications to use this website because it operates on all standard browsers on all standard operating systems.

Extra Information: Leading Numbers is not just a telephone directory because we also provide other valuable information about the company like the nature of product and services and location of the company. It gives some insight into the company and user can decide whether to call the company or not. Our experts gather reliable and authentic information. They even contact the companies before updating the database to make sure that people get trusted information.

Smart Search: It is extremely easy to get the phone number of your desired company. Just enter the name of the company of the search bar and a list of related companies will appear in from of your screen. We have our database sorted alphabetically. It means all companies with the name started from the alphabet “An” are listed separately and so on. Similarly, all companies are also categorized as per the business sector. It makes the search for companies extremely easy.

Ranking System: We also rank companies according to their popularity. The popularity of a company is decided by the number of request user make to search a company. For instance, currently, SKY Company is the most popular company because its phone number is the most researched phone number of our website. This feature will help people to identify those companies which offer best services.
Our Hosting Numbers: We usually redirect our users to their desired companies through 0843. We are using advanced technology to make sure users can get the operator without waiting too much, and company can provide best customer support.